What is your minimum order quantity?

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our MOQs (minimum order quantity) is based on the cost of tooling and setup for our factories to produce your custom packaging. Since these MOQs are set for the benefit of our customers to help save on costs, it is not recommended to go below our MOQs listed below.

For reference; an offset (lithography) printed corrugated box with a quantity of 500 boxes will cost just as much for a lower quantity of 100 boxes when manufacturing multiple times because you will be paying for setup fees multiple times. Please refer to our packaging guide on cost optimization for a more in-depth explanation.

Minimum Order Quantity
Folding Carton Boxes
1,000 boxes
Corrugated Boxes
500 boxes
Rigid Boxes
500 boxes
Paper Bags
500 bags
Gusset Bags
20,000 bags
Stand-up Pouches
10,000 pouches
Kraft Pouches
10,000 pouches
Floor Displays
100 displays
Cardboard Inserts
1,000 inserts
Molded Pulp Inserts
20,000 inserts
Food Grade Paper Inserts
5,000 inserts
Food Grade Boxes
5,000 boxes
Cup Sleeves
500 sleeves
Labels & Stickers
1,000 labels
Kraft Paper Mailers
5,000 mailers
Poly Mailers
5,000 mailers
Recycled Bubble Mailers
20,000 mailers
Bubble Mailers
5,000 mailers
Packing Tape
500 rolls
Tissue Paper
1,000 sheets
Food Grade Tissue Paper
30,000 sheets

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    • Where is my order?

      For any updates on your order, contact your Product Specialist or contact our general helpline.
    • Can I cancel my order?

      If you have not yet approved your final proof, you may cancel your order by contacting your Product Specialist.  However, once your final proof has been approved, your order will automatically move into mass production and no changes or cancellations ...
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      To reorder an order, simply reach out to your Product Specialist from your first time order with us and they will be able to help you with your reorder
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      To determine the correct box size you need, measure your product left to right (length), front to back (width) and bottom to top (depth). Add 1/8" - 1/4" to each dimension to give a little bit of wiggle room to your product!